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Photo of 2 students painting in art class
Photo of a group of students with frisbees on their fingers during PE class in the gym
Photo of 2 girls reading books and sitting together on the carpet
Photo of students using scissors and working at their desks in class
Photo of 3 students smiling together on the playground
Photo of a teacher helping a student during testing


Meadowlark Elementary

At Salina Public Schools (SPS), we are proud of who we are and what we do. We value every student’s family as a partner in learning and we collaborate with partners to help students, families and the community.

We love our Specials

Strumming beyond the basics! Our students thrive in art, music, library, physical education, science and social studies as well as counseling, the School Marathon and Ukulele Club. Endless possibilities!

Photo of the ukulele club during their last concert

Relationships Matter

Our school is more than a place of learning – it’s a family. Together, we’re not just building futures; we’re nurturing a community where everyone feels at home.

Photo of a teacher helping a student during class

Meadowlark is Unique

At Meadowlark Ridge, tradition meets community. The School Marathon is a legacy born of our PTO and traditions including Fun Night and our Veteran’s Day Program prove we’re more than a school – we’re a close family with strong ties to each other and our community. 

Photo of students running on the sidewalk during the school marathon

Great teachers
inspiring great futures.

Important Events