USD305 schools are currently on summer break.  Office staff will return on  July 15th.

Online enrollment will begin July 13th and will close July 29th. 

Walk in enrollment will be at Central High School on July 27th.  

The first day of school for grades 1-5 is August 12th.    Kindergartners at Meadowlark Ridge will begin August 16th.  

If you have additional questions, please call the USD305 board office at 785-309-4700.

Deena Hilbig

Welcome to the Meadowlark Ridge website! 

Our school-wide focus on "making a difference" is at the center of instruction. Our attention to social and emotional learning using the Zones of Regulations is a means to empower students to recognize and understand their emotions helping them to make responsible choices. 

We encourage students to do their personal best using ten lifeskills and incorporate them in our common vocabulary, actions and choices daily.

Our school is very successful because of the students, teachers, and parent involvement. We hope that you take time to join us in the near future as we take flight at Meadowlark Ridge!

Deena Hilbig, Principal

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